Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pasco and North Pinellas District-Wide Resident Council Meeting

Resident & Lynn Penley, District Ombudsman Manager

On Wednesday, October 10, 2012, ombudsmen welcomed 19 residents from 4 nursing homes and 2 assisted living facilities to the Pasco and North Pinellas District-Wide Resident Council meeting. The council celebrated Residents’ Rights Month with the “I Have The Right” chant and residents proudly displayed resident rights flowers and fans. Special guest Doris Graumann, from the office of Representative Richard Corcoran, joined in the celebration and made note of the council issues.

"I won!!" - Residents enjoying the raffle.

The council president shared a letter from the office of Governor Rick Scott stating regret he could not attend the meeting but wants to be informed of future meetings.

Highlights of the discussion included:

          ·   How we celebrate Residents’ Rights Month and show
               tribute to residents and ombudsmen, citizen advocates,
                  facility staff, and family members who work to promote
               and support residents’ rights.
          ·   The “best” thing about life in MY nursing home/assisted 
                O    The way things are run and problems are handled.
O    The food, meeting friends, and the way they take care
      of us.
O    The bingo, beautiful view of the water, the people, 

          ·  What "needs improvement" in MY nursing home/assisted 
                O    Local Medicaid transportation company are hours late
                      to appointments.
                                 O   We have no transportation. We never go out into the
                      community, no walks, no outside events.
O    We have a problem getting the CNAs to answer the
      call lights. They are very busy.      
·   What needs change in Florida.

        O    The cost of living needs to increase.
        O    $35.00 a month is not much money to cover
·   Resident’s Council successes.
O  We have a group meeting every week, rather than once a month. It resolves issues quickly, is more informal, and more people show up to enjoy chatting and sharing.

Resident Participants from:
Madison Pointe Rehabilitation and Health Center (host facility)
The Oaks of Clearwater
Orchard Ridge Care and Rehabilitation Center
Southern Pines Healthcare Center
Summit at New Port Richey
Windsor Woods Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

Robin Baker, Regional Ombudsman Manager with a resident
Flowers and fans for residents to enjoy.

Ombudsman, Resident Council President, and Lynn Penley.
Special Guest, Doris Graumann, speaking to residents.

Showing off her raffle prize!

Lynn Penley speaking to residents.
Program staff, facility staff, and ombudsmen.

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