Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lynn Penley, Ombudsman, Speaks To Members

(Original content from The Guardian Angel newsletter)

"Lynn V. Penley, District Ombudsman Manager for the Ombudsman Program, spoke to attendees at the August meeting of the Suncoast Guardian Association. She told of the structure of the organization in Pasco / Pinellas Counties – 20 volunteers and 2 paid staff. The volunteers undergo 20 hours of training before they are sent out to the various assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Lynn Penley, Pasco & North Pinellas District Ombudsman Manager
Besides routine visits to facilities, the office opens about 30 cases per month. Most cases are not serious ones, e.g. staff not answering call bells in a timely fashion or resident having issues with the food. Statewide, there were some 8,363 investigations in the 2008/2009 period. Ms. Penley said guardians could use the Ombudsman office as a resource, also. By calling the local office, the guardian can obtain complaint information/history on a particular facility. Obviously, the guardian can also call a complaint into the Ombudsman office, if he/she can’t seem to have satisfactory resolution with management on an issue pertaining to the Ward.

The Cottages of Port Richey hosted the meeting, with several of their staff attending and introducing themselves. Chef Tony provided a quite elaborate spread, manning two pans of different pasta sauces, cooking each diners choice individually. Many thanks, once again, to the Cottages of Port Richey for their hospitality. They are not only very willing and hospitable hosts, but if several months go by without a guardian meeting there, they phone to see why we’re not calling them!"

Lynn Penley, Ombudsman, Speaks To Members.” The Guardian Angel. Volume 3 Issue 9 (Sept. 2012): 3-4. Print.

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