Friday, June 8, 2012

Thank you Charlotte Poss

Charlotte Poss has been a wonderful ombudsman volunteer, serving on the Withlacoochee Ombudsman Council.  Since 2005, Charlotte has been a certified and active ombudsman volunteer.  Seeing her mother-in-law mistreated in a facility was the spark that compelled her to become an ombudsman. With her professional experience as a paralegal tribal court advocate, it is no surprise at her natural ability to advocate for long-term care facility residents. Given her previous employment, she recognizes the importance of being a voice for those living in long-term care facilities that may not be able to speak up for themselves.

Helen Anderson, Withlacoochee District Manager said, "It is evident that Charlotte loves residents and advocating for their rights. Charlotte has been a pillar of strong advocacy within the Withlacoochee council. Her willingness to volunteer and serve her time for the last five years has contributed to much of the success as a whole of the advocacy efforts here in the Withlacoochee district.” 

“Her commitment to volunteering is a picture of the heart of advocacy; sacrificing her time and agenda to act on behalf of others,” said Anderson.  “Thank you Charlotte!"

Thank you for the spirit of advocacy you showed as an ombudsman and the donated time given to volunteer and protect the health, safety, welfare, and rights of residents living in long-term care facilities.  We wish you luck in your future endeavors and a safe move.  You will be missed!

(L-R) Helen Anderson, Charlotte Poss

(L-R) Marie Brand, Charlotte Poss, and Ginny Winkel

Charlotte Poss

Helen Anderson awarding and thanking Charlotte Poss for her time as a volunteer ombudsman

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